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We Camp!

Troop 92 prides itself in being ‘Year ‘Round Campers’. That is, we have a campout at least once per month and this is a key part of our Troop Charter. 

The Knox Trail Council also has a Year ‘Round Camper Award given to a Scout that participates in camping and service each month in a given Troop calendar year. Troop 92 has several recipients of this award. 

Through camping, the boys learn and hone their scouting skills while gaining valuable appreciation of the outdoors and a sense of leadership. 

If you are interested in seeing where we go and some of the fun things we do, please take a look in the Photo Gallery section of this web site for the Troop 92 campouts & service projects over the past 12+ months.


Service Mission

Service is one of the mainstays of Troop 92’s mission and something that is instilled upon the boys from the moment they join the troop. 

From Scouting for Food, to Earth Day clean up, to Eagle projects and everything in between; you’ll see Troop 92’s service work in our community.

Just about anywhere you look in Southborough - whether it is the Community House, Senior Center, Library, Town Gazebos or the many trails enjoyed by our towns people – you’ll see projects carried out by Troop 92 that improve the look and function of Southborough for the enjoyment of our community.


Leadership Focus


Troop 92 is a place where leadership is emphasized as a key element of the boys’ scouting experience. From simply planning a meal on a campout, to weekly patrol-based communications, to managing the responsibility of an Eagle project, and countless experiences in between; our resolute focus on a being a boy-led troop provides a safe yet demanding environment to experience the joys and travails of actual leadership.

In Troop 92, Scouts own the responsibility and accountability of leading their peers, which comes with the distinct possibility, and sometimes likelihood, of failure. Although failure can be discouraging, there is often no better teacher. Troop 92 fosters a safe environment for boys to grow through both the challenges and rewards of leading.

A Message from our Troop Master


As we enter our 27th year, I am proud to lead Troop 92.  Our troop is a family, and we have a strong experienced cadre of active adults that support the scouts from behind the scenes. We are dedicated to providing outstanding opportunities and experiences for our scouts.  We remain committed to our longstanding mission of promoting service to the community of Southborough, and teaching useful leadership and life skills through year round camping activities and community events.  

We are a boy-lead troop that teaches the fundamental values of duty to God, duty to country and duty to self.  The founder of the Boy Scouts, Baden Powell believed, as we do, that Scouting provides important life principles that will serve as a strong foundation for every decision a scout makes for the rest of his life. On behalf of our adult leaders, Scouts and families I would like to thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. 

Yours in Scouting,

George Harris

Troop 92 Scoutmaster

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